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libipuz is a library for loading and saving the ipuz data format for pencil-and-paper puzzles. It is written in C and Rust, and has dependencies on glib and json-glib. It is licensed under terms of the LGPLv2.1-or-later and the MIT licenses.

libipuz intends to have complete compatibility with the ipuz spec (local mirror), and areas where we don’t support something correctly are considered a bug. The areas where we have extensions or clarifications are documented here:

This library was primarily written for use by GNOME Crosswords. As a result, it only loads crossword-style ipuz puzzles. Other types are planned for the future.


Source code

The current version of libipuz is

Design documents

Rustification (ongoing)

Coding style

See for more information about the file format. ipuz is a trademark of Puzzazz, Inc., used with permission